2018 Volume 30 Issue No: 1 (July)


  1. Lameness Cases in Cattle Reported to the Univerisity Veterinary Hospital, Universiti Putra Malaysia from 2013 to 2017

    S.Z Ramanoon, M.B. Sadiq, Noor Maisara Abdul Razak, R. Mansor, S.S. Syed-Hussain and W.M. Shaik Mossadeq



  2. Vascular Pathology Associated with Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae Serovar Lai Strain Langkawi Infection in Guinea Pigs (Cava Porcellus)

    G.H. Tyagita, A.R. Bahaman, S. Jasni, N.H. Fuzina and T.I. Tengku-Azmi



Case Report

  1. Coughing Shih Tzu Dog Due to Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease Stage C2

    J.X. Jessie-Bay and K.H. Khor


Short Communication

  1. Carcass Characteristics of Male Dorper Sheep Weaned at Different Ages

    Z. Norhayati, M. Wan Zahari, S. Nooraisyah, S. Shanmugavelu and A. Abdul Rahman


  2. The Preliminary Study of Mirror Self-Recognition (MSR) on Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)

    A. Hafandi, R. Hanafi, H. Azwan, M.N. Mohd Hezmee, H.A. Hassim, Z.I. Zeid, K. Jayaseelan and T.A. Tengku Rinalfi Putra


  3. Comparison Between the Pork Warner-Brazler Shear Force Values on the Roasting and Boiling Cooking Methods

    W.C. Michelle-Fong, P.T. Ooi, Q.S. Awis and Y.M. Goh