2016 Volume 28 Issue No: 1 (July)

Review Articles

  1. Clinical, Biochemical And Histological Changes During Developement Of Pregnancy Ketosis In Goats

    F.M.A. Amirul, A. Mokrish, K.S. Lai, M. Zamri-Saad, A.B. Zuki and H.A. Hassim


Case Reports

  1. Undiagnosed Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia In Two Cats

    S.F. Lau



  2. Cholangiocarcioma In A Cat

    M.L. Lim and M. Watanabe



  3. Fatal Melioidosis In A Captive Elephant Trunk Snake (Acrochordus Javanicus) In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    M. A. Sadiq, L. Hassan, Z. Zakaria, A.A. Saharee and Y. Abba



  4. Congenital Biliary Anomaly with Secondary Cholangiohepatitis In A Siamese Cross Kitten

    X.T. Yiew, M. Watanabe, Z.P. Leong, N. Rahman, M.M. Noordin and K.H. Khor