2016 Volume 28 Issue No: 2 (Dec)

Journal Articles

  1. Serological Prevalance of Leptospiral Infection in Captive Malayan Porcupiness (Hystrix brachyura)

    A.K. Siti-Nurdyana, A.R. Bahaman, R.S.K. Sharma, C.M. Azlan and M.F.A. Abdul Razak


  2. Acute Toxicological Assessment of Seashore Mangosteen (Garcinia hombroniana) Aqueous Extract

    H.O. Dyary, A.K. Arifah, R.S.K. Sharma, A. Rasedee, M.S. Mohd Aspollah, Z.A. Zakaria, A. Zuraini and M.N. Somchit


  3. Occurrence of Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii and Escherichia coli in Veterinary Healthcare Facilities in Klang Valley, Malaysia

    S.Y. Ng, A.A Saleha, S.K. Bejo and G.K. Dhaliwal


Case Reports

  1. Isolation and Molecular Detection of Newcastle Disease Virus from an Imported Meat Sample

    B.L. Leow, A.S. Syamsiah, G.H. Ong, F.M.Y. Faizul, R.S. Muhammad, M.A. Basirah, H.A.H. Mohd, Z. Maizatul, B. Zunaida and J.R. Mohd


  2. Diagnostic Approach to A Functional Adrenal Tumour in A Shih-Tzu Poodle Mix

    L. P. Tan, H.F. Thong and S.Y. Lim



Short Communications

  1. Oral Microbes of Pet Sugar Gliders and Detection of Salmonella in Their Faeces

    H. Nur Diana, A.A. Saleha, C.M. Azlan, S.K. Bejo, Z. Zunita and N. Fauziah