2015 Volume 27 Issue No: 2 (Dec)


Review Articles

  1. The usage of pelvimetry to predict dystocia in cattle

    M.W.H. Hiew and P.D. Constable



Case Reports

  1. Atypical mycotic lesion in the guttural pouch of a thoroughbred race horse

    X.T. Yiew, N.H. Khairuddin, A.I.K. Murdoch, P.V. Patil, R. Shashi Singam, C.P. Koay



  2. Megaoesophagus secondary to oesophagitis and oesophageal stricture associated with doxycycline therapy in a domestic shorthair kitten

    N.E. Namira, M.Y. Lim, M. Watanabeand K.H. Khor



Short Communications

  1. Complement system specifically c5a receptor, inflammation and hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats

    K.H. Khor