1990 Volume 2 Issue No: 2 (December)


Invited  Articles

  1. Recent Advances in the Immunology of Parasitic Infections

    Soulsby, E.J.L.



General Articles


  1. An Abattoir Study of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Clinically Healthy Adult Indigenous Goats

    Amin Babjee, S.M., Lee, C.C., Sheik-Omar, A.R. and Mohna, S.S.


  2. Clinical and Radiographic Examinations of Fore Fetlock and Pastern Joints in Working Polo Ponies

    Bashir, A.


  3. Increase in plasma and urine fibronectin concentrations during 119
    development of puromycin arninonucleoside-induced nephrotic
    syndrome in rats

    Rasedee, A. and Feldman, B.F.


  4. Reference Values in Blood Chemistry and Haematology for Crossbred Calves in Peninsular Malaysia

    Muniandy, N., Cheah, T.S. Mahadi, Y. and Palanisamy, K.


  5. Individual Variation in Resistance to Bracharia decumbens Toxicity in Sheep

    Salam Abdullah, A., Rajion, M.A., Zamri-Saad and Ishak Yahaya


  6. Outbreaks of “Red Leg” – an Aeromonas hydrophilia infection in frogs 

    Rafidah, J., Ong, B.L. and Saroja, S.



Letters to the Editor


  1. An Outbreak of Aeromonad Septicaemia in the Fry of Catfish
    (Clarias macrocepharus)

    Siti Zahrah, A., Sheikh-Omar, A.R. and Rokiah, A.L.


  2. Seasonal Occurrence of Caprine Pneumonic Pasteurellosis in Central
    Peninsular Malaysia

    Jasni, S., Zamri-Saad, M., Kamal Hizat, A., Mutalib, A.R., Salim, N. and Sheikh-Omar, A.R.