1995 Volume 7 Issue No: 1 (June)


Journal Articles

  1. Stress, immunity and disease resistance in poultry: A review 

    I. Zulkifli 


  2. Detection of chromosome Y-related genetic defect in an infertile cow using polymerase chain reaction 

    S. Shaharum, O. Abas-Mazni, A. Sipat, Y.S. Chee and H. Hawari


  3. Iatrogenic sciatic nerve monoparalysis in pigs

    H.L. Too, A.R. Sheikh-Omat, M.K. Vidyadaran and I. Toh


  4. Responses of antibody classes and subclasses to equine herpesvirus type-1 (EHV-1) in the serum and respiratory secretions in mice

    M. Azmi


  5. Plasmids and antimicrobial susceptibility in Excherichia coli with special reference to poultry isolates in Sarawak

    R. Son and R.R.A. Gulam


Short Communication

  1. The occurences and epidemiology of enteropathogens and diarrhoea in neonatal lambs

    C.T.N.I Fatimah, C.C. Lee, A. Azri, D. Rafie, B. Fazlina, N.B. Salim, D. Azizah and A.H. Safri



Letter to Editor

  1. Hair follicle atrophy prevents speedy recovery from severe sarcoptic mange

    M. Zamri-Saad and A. Kamal Hizat