1998 Volume 10 Issue No: 1 (June)


Journal Articles

  1. Serum biochemistry changes in mercury chloride-induced renal damage in rats

    A. Rasedee, I. Suhaidah, M.M. Noordin, A.R. Mutalib and N.B. Salim


  2. Virulent characteristics of Dichelobacter nodosus isolated from ovine foot rot in Malaysia

    Z. Zunita, A.R. Sheikh-Omar, A.R. Mutalib, P.G. Joseph and R. Son


  3. A comparison between heat and cold shock treatments in amplification of ZFX/ZFY gene for embryo sexing

    S. Shaharum, I. Zawawi, O. Abas Mazni and H. Hawari


  4. Vaccination of sheep against pneumonic pasteurellosis using a new spray vaccine

    A.W.M Effendy, M. Zamri-Saad, M. Mohamad and H. Omar


Short Communication

  1. Isolation of avian pneumovirus in broiler chickens in Malaysia

    A. Azri, R.F.N. Roosevien, A.R. Sohayati, G.Y. Goh, A.L. Aminahkadariah and U. Chulan


  2. A survey of equine piroplasmosis in selected areas in Peninsular Malaysia

    P. Chandrawathani, M. Yusof, B. Slamah and M.A. Rohaya


  3. Prevalence of Schistosoma nasale ova in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

    M. Krishnasamy, Stephen Ambu, Chong Ngo Long, K. Inder Singh and John Jeffery


  4. Comparative efficacy of oxfendazole, tetrimasole and piperazine against Ascaridia galli infection in domestic poultry. 

    A. Maqbool, M.K. Shafiq, T. Akhtar and I.A. Khan


Letter to Editor


Histological changes in the kidneys of sheep with naturally occuring sheep pulmonary adenomatosis

S. Jasni, M. Zamri-Saad and E. Fauziah