2018 Volume 30 Issue No: 2 (Dec)


Journal Articles

  1. Construction of IRES-incorporated pMG36e lactococcal Vector and its segregational instability in Escherichia coli

    Y.Y. Lim, I. Noor Hidayah, M. Nurul Asyifah and M.I. Nurulfiza



  2. Feline Heart Disease: Prevalance, risk factors and staging

    K.H. Khor, A. Zakaria and A. Rasedee


Case Reports

  1. Myxocarcoma in a Dwarf hamster (Phodopus sungorus)

    Y.L. Chong, M. Mazlan, G.T. Selvarajah and H. Law


  2. Cutaneous fibroma in a Common Snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina)

    H. Thomeeran, G.T. Selvarajah, M. Mazlan, Y.L. Chong and H.L. Law


  3. A case of Gill Copepod (Lernanthropus latis) infestation in an Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer) net-caged culture in Kelantan

    K.Y. Ng and B.L Ong


  4. Burkholderia species infection in a dairy goat

    Y.P. Foo, R. Mansor, S.M. Azim, W.I. Wan Mohd Sukri, A.A. Syahirah, S.S.
    Syed-Hussain, S.Z. Ramanoon, M.M. Noordin and M. Mazlan