2017 Volume 29 Issue No: 1 (July)

Journal Articles

  1. Molecular Characterisation of Grouper Iridovirus Isolates from Peninsular Malaysia

    M. Hazeri, M.D. Hassan, Y. Abba, A.R. Omar, Z.N. Allaudin, M. Soltani, R.H. Hamdan and N.F. Mohamad



Review Articles

  1. The Past and Current Updates on Diagnostic Aspects of Osteoarthritis

    W.M. Tan, S.F. Lau, M. Ajat, R. Mansor, P.A.M. Abd-Rani, A.M.H. Ng and R. Norasfaliza



Case Reports

  1. Pneumonia and Concurrent Eggs Retention in a River Terrapin (Batagur Baska)

    C.I. Inirah, C.A. Azlan, H.X. Teoh, Y. Donny and F.F.A. Jesse


  2. Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease in a Shih Tzu Dog

    Y.B. Teoh and K.H. Khor


Short Communications

  1. The Nutrient Composition and In Vitro Ruminal Degradability of Selected Local Plants Used as Goat Feed in Malaysia

    A.A.A. Ghani, M.S. Shahudin, R. Azrolharith, A.R. Haizan, M. Zamri-Saad, A.B. Zuki, H. Wahid, A. Kasim, M.S. Salisi, Y.M. Goh, Y. Rosnina and H.A. Hassim


  2. Rats and Leptospirosis, A Unique Tropical Experience

    A.R. Bahaman


  3. An Innovative Assembly to Maintain Isoflurane Anaesthesia for Dental Procedure in RatsĀ 

    M. Hana, H.C. Chen and R. Radzi