2007 Volume 19 Issue No: 1 (July)


  1. A Review of the Epidemiology and Control of Brucellosis in Malaysia

    A.R. Bahaman, P.G. Joseph and B. Siti-Khairani



  2. Pseudorabies Virus Glycoprotein E Gene: Sequence Analysis and Relationship to Other Homologous Genes

    N.A. Zeenathul, M.L. Mohd-Azmi, A.R. Sheikh-Omar, I. Aini, A.R. Bahaman and A.R. Mutalib



  3. Effects of Feeding Organic and Inorganic Acid Blends on Growth Performance and Nutrient Digestibility in Young Broiler Chickens

    T.C Loh, M.R. Rosyidah, N.T. Thanh, Y.K. Chang and P.C. Kok


  4. Molecular Characterisation and Identification of the Major Immediate-Early(Mie) Genes of Rat Cytomegalovirus (Remv)

    H.S. Loh, M.L. Mohd-Azmi, A.R. Sheikh-Omar, M. Zamri-Saad and N.A. Zeenathul



Case Report

  1. Unusual Gastric Foreign Body Obstruction in Three Dogs

    S. Thilagar, H.C. Chen, K.H. Khor, A.R. Nor Alimah and W.P. Vinita


Short Communication

  1. Monoclonal Antibodies Against the Haemagglutinin- Neuraminidase Glycoprotein of Newcastle Disease Virus Strain Af2240

    L.K. Lee, Majid Eshaghi, Abdul Manaf Ali and Khatijah Mohd. Yusoff