2006 Volume 18 Issue No: 2 (Dec)

Journal Articles


  1. Antimicrobial Products in the 21st Century: Optimal Use and Clinical Development

    Llyod Reeve-Johnson


  2. Morphological and Lectin Histochemical Studies of the Spermatozoa of the Lesser Mouse Deer (Tragulus Javanicus)

    W.E. Prasetyaningtyas, S. Agungpriyono, Y. Yamamoto, A.H. Wahid, M.A. Setiadi and M. Fahradin


  3. Plasma Fatty Acid Profile Comparison Between the Lesser Mouse Deer (Tragulus Javanicus) and the Common Muntjac (Muntiacus Muntjak)

    Y.M. Goh, A.A. Suwaibatul, K.G.K. Mohd-Azam, C.M. Azlan and A. Hafandi


  4. Detection and Identification of Chlamydophilia Psittaci from Wild Spotted Doves in the Klang Valley in Malaysia

    S.F. Phong, I. Aini, N. Salim and K.S. Al-Ajeeli


  5. Small Ruminants on Private Farms in Peninsular Malaysia: Nematode Resistance to Anthelminthics

    S. Khadijah, W.A. Rahman, P Chandrawathani, P.J. Waller, M.Vasuge, R. Nurulaini, M. Adnan, O. Jamnah, and C.M. Zaini