2002 Volume 14 Issue No: 1 &2 (June & Dec)

Journal Articles

  1. Anthelminthic resistance and its importance in the control of nematode parasitism of small ruminants livestock in the tropics/subtropics

    Peter J. Waller



  2. The Effect of Preweaning Feeding Behaviour on the Feeding Behaviour of Two Genetic Lines of Piglets Postweaning

    T.C. Loh, P.F. Dodds and I.J. Lean



  3. PGP 9.5 Immunoreactivity in the Colon of Mutant (LS/LS) Mice

    Shanti G. and C. Vaillant


  4. Development of Indirect and Double Antibody Sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Infectious Bursal Disease

    S.F. Phong, M. Hair-Bejo, A.R Omar and I. Aini


  5. Morphological, Biochemical and Physiological Characteristics of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Isolates in Diseases Fish and Shrimp Ponds in Malaysia

    M. Najjah, K.L. Lee, M.D. Hassan, M.L. Mohd-Azmi and M. Shariff



Short Communication

  1. Non-invasive method for the Study of Local Muscle Reaction After Intramuscular (IM) Injection of Commonly Used Antibiotics in Horses

    A.B.Z. Zuki, M.Y. Ainnul Yuzairi, G.K. Mohd Azam Khan, A. Rasedee and M.N. Zain Azmi


Letter to the Editor

  1. Comparative Sensitivity Between PCR and AGPT Methods in Diagnosing Infectious Bronchitis Cases

    S.S. Arashad, A.J. Roynston, M. Maizan, M.L. Yao, S.H. Sharifah and M.M. Noordin