1996 Volume 8 Issue No: 1 (June)


Journal Articles

  1. Behaviour and performance of fasted broilers under high temperature and humidity 

    I. Zulkifli and A.M. Fauzi


  2. Plasmid and antimicrobial resistance  transfer from poultry strains to aquatic strains of Escherichia coli 

    R. Son, G. Rusul and M.I.A. Karim


  3. Establishment of Pasteurella haemolytica A2 in the lungs of goats following intratracheal exposure

    M. Zamri-Saad, M.A. Maswati, A.W.M. Effendy, N.B. Salim and A.R. Sheikh-Omar


  4. The influence of dicldrin pretreatment on the toxicity of praziquantel in rabbits

    H.A. Elsheikh, W.M. Kheir, I.B. Eltayeb and H.M. Mousa


  5. Campylobacter in village chickens: Prevalence and biotypes

    A.A. Saleha, A. Latif Ibrahim and A. Kamarzaman


  6. Semen quality and sperm characteristics of Mafriwal crossbred cattle of different Friesian blood level

    I. Zawawi, V. Krishnalingam, I.H. Ng, H. Hawari and Y.S. Chee


Short Communication

  1. Caprine helminthiasis: Relationship between faecal egg count and worm burden

    D.A. Israf, R.A. Sani and R.A. Halim